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No, I haven’t fallen off the planet and to let you know I’m still alive, I wanted to give you an update on my publishing plans. 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately while getting ready to move. The problem is I’m coming up with too many ideas! I have so many characters running around in my head right now. None of this is set in stone, but here’s what I’ve been thinking about so far.

About His Every Whim the series, the first four parts will be turned into a novel. I’m not sure when I’ll …

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Yes, its true–His True Fortune, His Every Whim part 4 is live almost everywhere!His True Fortune, His Every Whim part 4

At the bottom of the page are the links where its available right now.  Kobo should be live any minute now.  Apple unfortunately takes a little longer.

Its available for a limited time for 99 cents.  Once its live on Apple I’ll make sure it goes on sale there too!

Thanks again for your patience and your support!  I’ll be posting here about the first spin off in the His Every Whim world that will publish in June. I’m really excited about it and hope you …

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His One DesireHi all!

Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that His One Desire, the sequel to His Every Whim has been released! Its available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble now, Kobo this weekend, and iBooks next week.

His Every Whim

Amazon          Barnes & Noble

His One Desire

Amazon          Barnes & Noble

Next week I’ll post about some of the new characters in His One Desire and my plans for the series.  I’m really excited about the direction the story is going to take and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Have a great weekend!


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His Every WhimOne big piece of advice always given to writers is “write what you know”.

When I was thinking up the idea for His Every Whim, I bounced some ideas off a friend of mine who was unemployed and she said she always wished she could meet a billionaire who would whisk her away and take care of all her problems. I thought about how I could write a character who needed that kind of whisking away and was reminded of something that happened to me when I was in college. I used those experiences plus other inspiration and imagination and …

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