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I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I just wanted to to share with you a couple of new things I’ve been up to.

I am now accepting applications to the new and improved Liliana Rhodes Street Team! If you’re a fan of my books and would love to help me spread the word about them, then think about joining. I’ll be accepting the first twenty-five readers, click the Street Team image for the application.

Click to join my Street Team!

Click to join my Street Team!

If you’re a fan of my books and want the scoop on what inspired some of your favorite

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The Wolf Pack is Back!Resisting The Alpha is now available on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and All Romance. Coming soon on Apple, and Google Play (click the store links for more information about Resisting The Alpha). Resisting The Alpha

Resisting the Alpha is the second in the new series The Crane Curse. The Crane Curse will be a three book series, each story will feature a different couple and have a happily ever after.
Book 1: Charming The Alpha (Werewolf Romance)
Book 2: Resisting The Alpha (Werebear Romance)
Book 3: coming soon!

Resisting The Alpha and Charming The Alpha

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25 Romance Author Giveaway including Liliana Rhodes

I’ve been a busy girl lately! I teamed up with 25 amazing and awesome romance authors to create an incredible giveaway.

You read that right! Click the graphic and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway to win a $50 Amazon gift card and 25 ebooks including one from little old me!

Its really easy to join. Just click, then choose your entry–you already like me so why not join me on Facebook or my newsletter? You can choose them through the giveaway, just scroll through and find my name and click…you know you want to. 😉

Have a great day and good …

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A few months ago one of my friends told me about this very cool site called Authorgraph. Basically, in a world of e-books we’ve lost the ability to go to an author signing and get a book signed…not anymore!

authorgraph widgetAuthorgraph is a cool service that will send the author a notice that you would like your  e-book autographed. I have to say its really awesome and its free!

Here’s how you do it direct from Evan Jacobs of Authorgraph:

When a reader receives her Authorgraph, she’ll have the option of downloading it in a variety of formats including PDF
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Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I just posted this on Facebook but wanted to share…

As promised here’s a small excerpt from a little pet project I’m working on tentatively titled Blue. Its very rough and unedited but I hope you enjoy it:

As I opened the glass door to enter the bank, my eyes immediately went to Arlene’s station. She was the head teller, a petite blonde who looked older than her age, and she had the only customer in the place.
At the other end of the counter I saw my name plate waiting for me at my station …

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Hope everyone is having a great week!  Here’s what’s new with me!

  • His Every Whim will be released next week but it won’t be the complete novel.  I’m really sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up but I felt it was more important to get it out on time and well written than rushing it because…
  • There’s a special promo going on next week where myself and some great authors will be having special sale days and I want to include the sequel to His Every Whim in that.  I’ll write another post with all the details about sale soon!
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