Resisting the Alpha | Liliana Rhodes

Resisting the Alpha

The Crane Curse, Book 2

Faith Galloway is an orphan, a witch, a powerful charmer, and still in love with her high school sweetheart. But Abel Barlow isn’t the man she fell in love with, instead he’s the cunning coyote Alpha behind the kidnappings and killings of wolf shifters in Leeds Point.While Faith isn’t completely innocent, she realizes someone has to stop Abel and contacts the Kapok Shifter Council where she meets grizzly bear Alpha Erich Krause. Faith awakens the bear within Erich, making him realize she is his true mate. Erich will do anything to help her, even if that means risking his position with the Council.As the secrets of Faith’s family are revealed, she discovers her role in an old curse that Abel plans to use not only to control shifters, but to open a gateway between the human and spirit worlds. Will Faith remain true to her love for Abel or will she follow her heart which is leading her to Erich?

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