Dante | Liliana Rhodes


Made Man, Boxed Set

“Protecting her was like breathing, I didn’t have a choice.”


It was a simple job—watch this asshole and make sure he didn’t get killed. Normally I was the one doing the killing, but this was for family and my family, the Gambinos, gave the orders. But then she rose like an angel out of the subway and changed my life. She awakened me, made me whole again, and erased the pain of my past. She’s in danger and I will do anything to keep her safe. Even if that means the one thing that will push her away forever—kill her brother.


I was a good girl, almost a nun. I spent my life doing what everyone else wanted, but then I met him. He’s a killer, a hitman, and my protector. While loving him could cost me my family, leaving him would cost me my life. But he’ll do anything for me and protect me at all costs, even if it means doing the one thing he vowed to never do—become a Mafia Boss.

Note: DANTE is a standalone novel. It is the novelized boxed set of the Made Man Trilogy serial.

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