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The Wolf Pack is Back!Resisting The Alpha is now available on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and All Romance. Coming soon on Apple, and Google Play (click the store links for more information about Resisting The Alpha). Resisting The Alpha

Resisting the Alpha is the second in the new series The Crane Curse. The Crane Curse will be a three book series, each story will feature a different couple and have a happily ever after.
Book 1: Charming The Alpha (Werewolf Romance)
Book 2: Resisting The Alpha (Werebear Romance)
Book 3: coming soon!

Resisting The Alpha and Charming The Alpha

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It is finally here–The Ballad of Jude, Backstage with Silverlight #1 is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AllRomance eBooks. Coming to Kobo and Apple iBooks soon! (links below)

The Ballad of JudeThe biggest rock band in the world owes it all to a muse.

Zoey Ackerman has a weakness–rock stars. Their looks, their swagger, and if they tried to sweet talk her with some lyrics, she’d probably melt on the spot. But when she takes a summer job at the hottest club in LA, the last thing she expects is to have to clean up after a bunch of …

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The Billionaire Romance 9 story boxed set that my novel No Regrets is a part of is still only 99 cents! Make sure you grab this set before the price goes up, its a steal! For more details about this boxed set click here.

Pick up the Billionaire Romance bundle for 99 cents at

Barnes & Noble

Also, we’ve started an awesome giveaway! Click on the picture of the set to enter the giveaway. Enter to win a $300 spa package…but if the spa isn’t your thing then you can choose the prize as PayPal cash! How cool …

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Billionaire Romance 9 Story BundleI am super excited to tell you I joined eight other incredible authors and we decided to offer our readers something really special! Because of our brainstorming, we have nine stories together for only 99 cents in the Billionaire Romance Boxed Set – Now Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

From powerful businessmen to dominating bachelors who won’t take no for an answer, this exclusive Billionaire Romance boxed set includes some of the hottest stories ever published by popular romance authors!

Download 9 scorching hot tales of seduction featuring wealthy men from all walks of life. These irresistible bad …

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Charming The Alpha by Liliana Rhodes

Charming The Alpha is now on Apple!

Amazon|AmazonUK|Barnes & Noble|AllRomance eBooks|Kobo|Apple

Let me start out by saying I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to all my readers! Charming The Alpha became an All Romance Top 50 Bestseller, climbed as high as #2 in Paranormal Romance – Witches and Wizards on Amazon and Top 20 in Paranormal Romance – Werewolves & Shifters.

Because of all the support for Charming The Alpha, I’m going to continue the story. Caleb and Hannah will not be the main characters, …

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25 Romance Author Giveaway including Liliana Rhodes

I’ve been a busy girl lately! I teamed up with 25 amazing and awesome romance authors to create an incredible giveaway.

You read that right! Click the graphic and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway to win a $50 Amazon gift card and 25 ebooks including one from little old me!

Its really easy to join. Just click, then choose your entry–you already like me so why not join me on Facebook or my newsletter? You can choose them through the giveaway, just scroll through and find my name and click…you know you want to. 😉

Have a great day and good …

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Shifter Romance 99 centsWho doesn’t love a sexy alpha male? Even if he is a little hairy…

If you’ve been hearing howling in the night, then you’ve heard the Wolf Pack! Come join us for an awesome selection of 99 cent shapeshifter romance stories, including my latest Charming The Alpha!

Like 99 cents books isn’t enough, we have prizes! Check this out–

  • If you’re friends with me on Facebook, then you know I love Joe Manganiello aka Alcide from True Blood. Well wouldn’t you just love an autographed photograph of him?
  • Or how about a sexy Kindle Fire?
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Before I get into a topic I’ve been thinking about writing for a long time, let me get some business out of the way.

The Billionaire's WhimThe Billionaire’s Whim is now available on Apple, Amazon, Amazon UKBarnes & Noble, Kobo, and AllRomance eBooks. It is the four parts of His Every Whim reworked into a novel with an added bonus chapter. To access the bonus chapter, please visit my Facebook page and look for my newsletter post which has the link etc to access it. I plan on offering my newsletter subscribers more bonuses

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A few months ago one of my friends told me about this very cool site called Authorgraph. Basically, in a world of e-books we’ve lost the ability to go to an author signing and get a book signed…not anymore!

authorgraph widgetAuthorgraph is a cool service that will send the author a notice that you would like your  e-book autographed. I have to say its really awesome and its free!

Here’s how you do it direct from Evan Jacobs of Authorgraph:

When a reader receives her Authorgraph, she’ll have the option of downloading it in a variety of formats including PDF
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I’ve been wanting to update this site with more information about me but I honestly don’t know what to say. So I came up with an idea–I can add a Q&A section.

Do you have any questions you’ve been wanting to ask? Anything about my books or ideas or maybe even something a little more personal? I can’t guarantee I’ll answer everything, but now is your chance to ask!

Feel free to post a question below or send me an email and if I select your question I’ll post your first name (unless you ask me not to) with your

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